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Michigan Super Drunk

In 2010, the Michigan Legislature enacted a “get-tough” addition to the criminal code — The “Super Drunk” Law. Michigan’s “Super Drunk” law imposes a harsh punishment on drivers, even if this is your first offense, who operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .17% or higher, you could be subject to enhanced penalties.
In many cases, jail times can be nearly doubled; fines and other sanctions become steeper. Also, an ignition interlock device—an analyzer that will prevent your vehicle from starting if you have alcohol on your breath—could be installed on your car (which can also lead to further punishments should you “fail” the breath test).

If you have recently been charged with a Michigan Super Drunk offense in Oakland, Macomb or Wayne county, you should immediately contact a qualified Michigan OWI lawyer to begin preparing to fight your charge.